Women’s Show 12/29 – Happy New Year with Sarah Van Gelder

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The time of the year when the old year is ending and the new year is pushing around the corner, the time in the holiday season when you slow down and look at the events of the past year  – the good, the bad, the surprises and disappointments.  But for many the old year, perhaps the old era, ended November 8th with the election of Donald Trump.  This past election revealed the many disaffections and weaknesses in our society,  Some areas were exaggerated, misconstrued, and others ignored entirely.  But every one realized things could not continue the way they had been going.  The challenge is how to effect the change.  


It is easy to imagine and conjure the warrior king riding through on his flaming steed and thrusting the dagger into the heart of the beast.  The only problem is in a world of realities, who is the knight, who is the beast, who is being saved.  Reality demands a vision with the details of the living, not killing.  SARAH VAN GELDER, co-founder and editor at large of YES! magazine, will talk about the before and after in our society now.  Contributing to the conversation will be her analysis and information she gleaned in travelling a 12,000 mile journey through new America for her new book.  And she has concluded the revolution is where you live.  She found lots of positive signs, people and stories in this last year from which we can actually build and transform this country,.

 It somehow seems strangely apropos to me in this season of long, dark star-filled nights, that unfortunately we have lost two of those star warriors.  Carrie Fisher (or Princess Leia) fearlessly and heroically fought to save the universe from the death star, and in doing so presented a new image of courage, power and brains without losing self.  Yes, she played a fictional role, but in her portrayal many found the strengths of their own inner power.

 Vera Rubin, who passed on Christmas Day has redefined the “stuff” of our universe – dark matter, the “stuff” we cannot see or observe.  We are only aware of its presence by its effects on everything in our galaxy.  Think about it, everything we see or understand in our universe we literally see or observe its effects in objective data.  Vera and others realized that all of these are embedded in something deeper – the dark matter.  In time, others will work and elaborate more of her findings, and the work of Newton and Einstein and our very sense of gravity will have to be redefined,.  WOW!  If Vera had been born a man, you would have known so much more about her.  She wouldn’t be as much in the dark as the dark matter she studied. Have some fun, google and learn more about dark matter.  The force isn’t only with Princess Leia.   


Happy New Year!  Hang in there.  The best is yet to be if we can believe and make it come to fruition!


Tune in at 10 AM Thursday to hear more!   Contact us during the show at dj@wmnf.org or call 813-239-9663.  You can also text us at 813-433-0885.

Peace and love to all,

Mary and Arlene