Supporting WMNF for the next generations – Planned Giving

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When you include WMNF in your will or living trust, you make the ultimate gift.  Your legacy will help ensure that the station will continue the quality broadcasting you have come to treasure.  Since we do our work without big corporate sponsors, university grants, or significant government money, we depend on deeply rooted support, in addition to the on-air marathons, to serve our community.

There are many ways you can arrange an estate gift to help ensure that WMNF will continue long into the future.  Here are some planned gift ideas to consider and discuss with your financial advisor.


It is easy to arrange a bequest for WMNF in your will or living trust. Simply add the full legal name of WMNF to your will before it is reviewed by your attorney. Our full legal information can be found below.


You can name WMNF as a beneficiary on a bank account by setting it up as a Payable-on-Death account. Ask your bank for the proper paperwork. This simple process bypasses probate.


If you have an existing life insurance policy, you can name WMNF as a beneficiary. If your policy has cash value and you no longer need it, you can donate the policy directly to WMNF and claim a deduction for its value.  In some cases, it may make sense to consider a new life insurance policy to benefit WMNF.


You can arrange for a gift to be paid from your IRA or retirement plan. Simply add the full legal name of WMNF as a beneficiary. You can leave any portion of the amount that remains at the end of your life.


If you have highly-appreciated assets like real estate or stock, a charitable trust may work very well for you. The trust pays you income for life and leaves the remaining assets to WMNF as a gift at the end of your life. These trusts can provide remarkable tax savings.


You can transfer shares of stock and mutual funds directly to WMNF. If your shares have appreciated in value, you can avoid capital gains taxes and earn a deduction for their current value. You can also set up your investment account as a Transfer-on-Death account so that the balance will come directly to WMNF at your death.

The full legal name of WMNF for all planned giving purposes is:

Nathan B. Stubblefield Foundation,Inc.
1210 E. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Blvd.
Tampa, FL 33603

Federal Tax ID: 59-1619213

For more planned giving information please contact:

Gene Moore
WMNF Membership Coordinator
Phone: 813-865-8264

WMNF Planned Giving PDF download