Post-Irma pictures from our listening area

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We asked some friends and listeners if we could use their pictures to show our listening area post-Irma. If you have ones we can use, please send them to Thanks! And we hope you and yours are okay and you have/get your power back.

Strange water

Tampa Bay from Bayshore before Irma
Photo By Nancy Cee

Tampa/Hillsborough Bay
Photo by Nancy Cee

Dry Hillsborough Bay
Photo by Suzanne Williamson

Tree heartbreak

Trees were downed all around our listening area, blocking roads, crushing roofs, and occasionally pulling turf up with them.

Tree Damage
Photo By Colleen Gorlewski

Tarpon Springs
Photo By Siobhan Nehin

Down on power lines in Dark Horizon’s back yard
Photo by Teresa Frederick

Seminole Heights tree
Photo by Holden Caulfast

Uprooted Tree Photo By Larry Jaffe

Pass A Grille Photo By Susana Weymouth

Tree Down Near Tampa Theater Photo By Cj Prance

Tree down In St. Petes Uptown Photo By Brian Vandervliet

Irma art

A lot of people found inspiration in the storm, or at least in telling the storm to go away.

Nancy Parker – Irma Sign

Nancy Parker – Irma Sign

Irma Art Boards
Photo by Carla Bristol

Marianne Wysocki’s Lady Of Guadalupe Protecting Gulfport

Art Protects Photo By Garrett Heaney

What about the business community?

Getting Gas Photo By Wendy Leigh

Farkas Sign Down Photo By Peggy Herlache

Derby Lane Roof Photo By Alexis Winning

Irma Refugees At Sacinos Formal Wear – Photo By Sherry Sacino

How did people make it through the storm?

Storm supplies
Photo By Mike Watkins

Storm supplies
Photo By Chris Sheppard

Playing Oregon Trail
Photo By Chris Sheppard

Red Cross Volunteers In Sarasota
Photo By Cemantha Crain

Photo By Suzanne Williamson

Miscellaneous, and of course, rainbows. It could have been so much worse.

We All Felt This Way
Photo By Colleen Gorlewski

Sunrise North Tampa
Photo By Rayna Lancaster

Rob Bocik Claims This Is A Sandbag

Bellair Light Pole
Photo By Chris Jenkins

A New Lake
Photo By Mike Handley

Peacock In The Old SE
Photo by Lisa Kirchner

Go Away Irma
Photo by Colleen Cherry

Photo by Adam Turkel

Irma Double Rainbow
Photo By Michelle Wyant

Irma Rainbow
Photo By Siobhan Nehin

Irma Rainbow
Photo By Danielle Davis