Sustainable Living and Alternative Health

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    10:00 am - 11:00 am

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Alternating Mondays:

Sustainable Living: Environmental news and discussion with Jon Butts;

Alternative Health: Health news and discussion with Eve Prang Plews


Check back every other week as we discuss more in detail popular conversations from the show!

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Jon Butts

I was born in 1948. My father was a printer and Mother a teacher. We lived in PA till I was 8 and then move to Largo and graduated from largo High School.

Ended up in Vietnam as a foot soldier and returned to Tampa in 1971. Received an AA in Business at HCC and owned a small landscaping business and worked in the Tampa Bay area.

Married Debbie in 1976, bought a home, installed my first solar water heater and started my passion for sustainable living. We bought and moved to 54 acres near Plant City in 1985 (sometime around then set the radio to 88.5 FM), also our only child Casey was born. In 1989 started growing vegetables with my brother, 1989 started Ecofarmfl Intentional Community, 2000 transitioned to organic farming, 2005 started producing the Sustainable Living Show, 2006 installed the first Solar Grid Tied Electric System in the Bay Area, installed the second in 2009, 2012 started raising and milking Water Buffalo.

Eve Prang Plews, L.N.C., IFMCP

I have been a WMNF listener since the 80's! We should all maximize our health so we can continue to ROCK-ON as we age. Teaching health and nutrition strategies is another way to support the revolution to more people power and Earth regard. From food to supplements, disease and healing, listen to the nutrition show and learn a way to help you live easier!


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