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April 2017 Show Guest Calendar.

March 3 – Marie Saint-Louis: Psychic and Spiritual Medium (since childhood) with international cliental and a growing
celebrity list. She began conducting sessions from her kitchen table for clients and then moved on to read at parties
and events around Phoenix, Arizona and other cities.

“My story all begins when I provided guidance and connected people to deceased loved ones at one of my first events…
a radio station sponsored swap meet located in a casino parking lot.”

She believes that “no event is too small or location too far” for sharing her gift with people looking to connect with deceased loved ones or receive guidance about their lives. Marie also works with both law enforcement and families on criminal and missing persons cases. In addition, she is available for paranormal investigations (home, business,
abandoned locations, historical sites etc.) this include blessings and cleansings.

“Since childhood, I’ve talked to those who have passed on and was able to tell people things about their lives that couldn’t be explained.”

Marie lives in Phoenix, Arizona with her two rescued cats, numerous houseplants, and visiting spirits. Marie is presently writing her second book in the RSVP from Heaven series and other creative projects.

Call 813-239-9663 with your questions”

Tune In or Drop Out!

Every Sunday Night/Monday Morning from 1 to 4 AM join your guide Elder Sign, as you explore The Psycho Realms.

Along with other show cast: (Florida Bass Legend) Unkempt Andy, (Metal Goddess) Luscious Lady Lisa, (Punk Aficionado) Erawk the Sinister, and (Resident Sound God) Mr. Johnathan Rushford, enjoy the best in brutality from old to new, with music from local, national and international talent, kept in a commercial-free, epic, freestyle format.

Have a request for Metal, punk, or Industrial? Call WMNF’s studio line (813) 239-9663 or email / or if you like what you hear, please leave something in our tip jar on this page. Any and All donations are desperately needed, greatly appreciated, and help keep WMNF & Tampa Metal ON-THE-AIR.

Host : Elder Sign
Broadcast channel: Monday, 1:00AM – 4:00AM

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Hosted By...

Elder Sign

Rev. Dr. P. S. Jones, D.D., 0^0º, CSPDT
AKA: Elder Sign
Radio Host / Author

12 year FM Radio Programmer
(Brother Fire's 11th Hour, ZentripZiteeZ, Psycho Realms)

Started in 2001 with Miss Cleo's Psychic Readers Network.

In 2012 was awarded Overnight Programmer of the Year

Unkempt Andy

Unkempt Andy has been apart of Psycho Realms for over 8 years logging many hours of volunteer power and snagging some great interviews over that time. Andy is also the long time bassist for the melodic metal-core band "Unkempt" and one of the singer songwriters for the comedy band "no cheese".

Lady Lisa

My name is Lady Lisa, and I'm a programmer and long time radio co-host on WMNF. I've been in radio for more than 4 years (WMNF and other stations). My passion is music (journalism, radio, promotions, touring, spokesmodeling, merch helping, etc). Metal comes in all different types of genres, and I'm here to break the stereotype of one specific type of Metal. I want to show the world, you can change lives with music not just by listening and talking, but by also helping out on WMNF and sharing a voice for our community!

Erawk the Sinister

I'm a musician in two bands, radio dj on two radio shows, entertainer, lover of music and art. I love wmnf and my community, and have been listening to wmnf since my teens.

I'm alive because of music and's my life

Mr. Rushford

My name is Jonathan. I am a musician, drummer, producer, and recording engineer. Music is my life and passion. I volunteer at WMNF being a voice for the local Metal community on Psycho Realms.

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