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There’s going to be A LOT to talk about with #45. Let’s get started. Call in to 813.239.9663 (WMNF)

On Wednesdays, the Everyday Ethics discussion, hosted by Craig Kopp, with media ethicist Kelly McBride of the Poynter Institute, and medical ethicist Art Caplan of NYU’s Langone Medical Center, leads off the show.

Hosted By...

Craig Kopp  Craig@WMNF.org

Craig Kopp has been on the radio in some capacity since 1974… the year Richard Nixon resigned the Presidency. Craig has been News Director for 3 stations and did a ten year stint as a political talk show host. Craig’s radio experience has convinced him that radio can still be the back fence of the nation – a place for reasonable people to hash out the issues of the day – and walk away enriched… even if they still don’t disagree.

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